Calculating Paint Quantities

We’ve created an online paint calculator tool to help you work out the right amount of paint for your decorating project. Whilst this is a good starting point, we would strongly recommend you check with your decorator or email [email protected] for more detailed advice before placing your order.

Before you get started

Please take note of the following before you begin working out how much paint you require:

  • We don't take doors, windows or alcoves into account when making our calculations
  • Our paint calculator tool is only suitable for working out wall paint requirements
  • Think about the nature of your paint surface e.g. porous walls may need extra coats, as will those undergoing significant colour transformations
  • Some of the brighter colours in our range will require more than two coats as their opacity is not as high

The below table is a guide to the maximum coverage of each of our four paint finishes. Coverage is dependent on thickness of application and the condition of the surface you're painting, and all the figures are based on one coat.

Finish Litres Avg coverage* Recommended Coats** Drying time
Matt 2.5L & 5L 20m2 per Litre 2 Touch dry in 20 mins / recoat in under 1 hour
Low Sheen 1L, 2.5L & 5L 20m2 per Litre 2 Touch dry in 20 mins / recoat in under 1 hour
Satin 1L & 2.5L 20m2 per Litre 2 Touch dry in 20 mins / recoat in under 1 hour
Gloss 1L & 2.5L 20m2 per Litre 2 Touch dry in 20 mins / recoat in under 1 hour

*Figures are based on one coat. However, we recommend two coats of your required paint finish on top of an appropriate primer and undercoat.

**Additional coats may be required depending on surface and topcoat colour.

Paint quantity calculator

Paint Quantity Calculator

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Please note that we don’t take doors, windows or alcoves into consideration. The paint calculator is only suitable for calculating wall paint requirements.

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Make sure to take note of your calculation so you can have it at hand for your order.

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