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Kit Kemp Collection ~ NEW

Introducing 14 new Andrew Martin mural wallpapers, designed in collaboration with award winning interior designer, Kit Kemp.

Taking inspiration from folk tales, medieval illumination and chinoiserie landscapes, these enchanting wallpapers depict scenes of mythical lands in dusky colours accented with contemporary bursts of bright orange, blue, yellow and green. With one eye in the past and one in the future, the collection founds itself on harmonious contrast, forging a scheme which is fresh with surprise and which tells a new and exciting story of its own.

Following the wonderful reception of our first collection, Kit and Martin soon started work designing two new wallpaper designs - Lantern Parade and Songbird - to accompany some fresh variations of our popular Mythical Land.

These new versions have been printed to a greater height of 3.5m making them easier to trim and allowing them to be used on taller walls with high ceilings.


Lantern Parade takes elements from tapestry landscapes and medieval illumination, combined with an other-worldly treeline and calm seas beyond. A patchwork of Hillocks and ponds are illustrated with embroidery-like brush marks while more abstract mark-making conveys the textures and movement of nature. Available in 3 colourways: Dawn, Dusk and Midsummer, this enchanting design is ideal for adding an element of surprise into a room.

A full moon in the Forest when all is quietly still and nature’s shy creatures reveal themselves in the glow of the moon. Is that a lantern that the hare is holding or just the reflection of dewdrenched flowers in the water? We will never know. We see magic every time Lantern Parade reveals itself on our walls. It is endlessly fascinating.

Kit Kemp

Songbird takes the stylised nature of Chinoiserie landscapes to a softer and more relaxed realm with an English twist. A warm summer breeze ruffles the leaves of loosely painted trees dotted with dog roses. From the delicate branches, songbirds call to each other across this serene panorama. Available in tones of calming green, blue, pink, grey and orange.

The Songbird always sings in our garden. It is a joyful design in colourways that make your rooms sing with sophistication and originality. It is a versatile design that creates different moods with each colourway. I love the Coral colourway but then again the Green will look amazing to make your rooms always feel like a Summer ‘s day. I love to open the door to a room that sings with colour. Songbird, like its name, does just that.

Kit Kemp

The original must-have fairytale wallpaper, Mythical Land, is now available in a wide range of colourways and finishes. Inspired by American folk art, this captivating wallpaper will whisk you away to stories of old unleashing childlike enthusiasm for fairy tales. Walk through an enchanting world on your walls with Mythical Land: From a lively river bordered with wild flowers to a tree growing giant pears and a whole dance of magical creatures along the way.

We have recoloured Mythical land and it is exciting to see how architectural and graphic it has become in several of the colourways. I always loved the natural plaster colour of the original but now have fallen in love with the dawn and sunset colourways. I never tire of this beautiful design. It is a classic.