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Kit Kemp Collection

Introducing a unique collaboration between Andrew Martin and award winning interior designer, Kit Kemp.

Inspired by the romance of folk tales, this collection encapsulates youthful imagination and the magic of design. It consists of six fabrics and five wallpapers depicting scenes of mythical lands in dusky colours accented with contemporary bursts of bright orange, blue, yellow and green. With one eye in the past and one in the future, the collection founds itself on harmonious contrast, forging a scheme which is fresh with surprise and which tells a new and exciting story of its own.

Kit Kemp and Andrew Martin have always had a close working relationship and when Kit won the 2008 Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award, the seed was planted for this exciting design collaboration. The creative process began when Kit stumbled upon tapestries from the 15th and 16th centuries. "It was fascinating to see these magical creatures hiding behind leaves and under hedgerows. That was the start of the idea, to give them new life in a contemporary world." With the help of illustrator, Melissa White, this idea transformed into reality and became the motif for Friendly Folk fabric and Wychwood wallpaper.

Mart Waller and Kit Kemp Collaboration

Photo: Martin Waller and Kit Kemp behind the scenes at the collaboration photoshoot

Pear Tree Sunset Orange Wallpaper with Faubourg Dining Table and Bespoke Bacall Chairs in Original Guatemalan Textiles

Photo: Pear Tree Sunset Orange wallpaper with Faubourg dining table and Bespoke Bacall chairs in original Andean textiles

Every living space should have elements to capture the imagination and enchant. We wanted a hand drawn, crafted collection bringing our love of the artisan and mythical creatures together. The colours are joyful and fresh.

Kit Kemp MBE, Interior Designer

As well as tapestries, Native American art provided inspiration for the Great Plains and Apache print (below), while Mythical Land (above), a monumental three metre repeat of pears and trees, takes its cue from American folk art. The fearless subversion of tradition is an ethos Martin and Kit share. These old-wordly motifs and fabrics such as twill, linen and chintz have been unashamedly modernized with vibrant colours and airier repeats to give these rich cultural stories space to sing. The collection is designed to encourage layering and contrast, to create a room with the unfolding twists and turns of a story. "There always has to be a surprise in a room," Martin recommends mixing these fabric and wallpaper designs to excite the eye, using the colours to coordinate where the patterns would otherwise clash.

Head over to our blog to scroll through the photos from the Kit Kemp Collection Launch Party.

Apache Sienna Wallpaper with Pluto Chairs upholstered in Great Plains Fabric