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Apache Sienna

Inspired by Native American art, Apache depicts elaborately head-dressed hunters riding with their pack of dogs and surrounded by decorated quivers and feathered bows and arrows. Full of life-like character and colourful culture, the chase continues out of the fabric, spinning the intrigue of an imaginative story.

Great Plains fabric and Apache wallpaper from the Kit Kemp Collection were inspired by tiny Native American drawings, dating from 1880s, which Kit found at Frieze Art Fair. Drawn on unassuming lined pages and charmingly naïve in style, the idea was to keep the distinctive character and storytelling of this culture and create a motif that whisks you to a faraway land through the excitement of visual story. In realistic dusty tones, the little details are full of personality, from the attentive eye of the horse to the decorative feathers fluttering in the wind as they gallop across these great plains.