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NEW Folklore Collection

NEW Folklore Collection


Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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Inspired by global travel, Expedition takes us on a journey from Tanzania to Turkey, from France to Indonesia.

The fabrics in this collection pay homage to natural and cultural gems found during these trips, whether they be dramatic landscape patterns, colourful traditions or exotic wildlife. Expedition consists of ikats, kilims, animal motifs and co-ordinating ticking stripes and plains in a palette of soft greys and powder blue, spiced up with vibrant pomegranate pink, rich navy and bright yellow. Made in Britain, the designs are rotary printed on beautiful woven cloth.

Photo: Truman sectional sofa in White Linen with cushions in Kingdom, Glacier, Volcano and Savannah, all in Paradise; Bamileke stools in Black.

Drawing inspiration from the incense-infused, bustling markets of Istanbul, Glacier Paradise embodies Kurdish geometric style and brings it to life with a vivid colour scheme. A splash of bright pomegranate pink is incorporated to stir memories of Turkish New Year where locals smash pomegranates on the cobbled

streets and, as tradition goes, the strewn, fuchsia seeds conjure a prosperous year to come. Combined with a rich navy blue and a spot of yellow, this colourful motif recalls these cultural jewels of the Eastern world. Glacier Paradise gives ancient motifs a contemporary twist breathing new life into a room.

Photo: Cadogan Custom sofa in Volcano Powder with cushions in Volcano, Glacier and Kingdom, all in Powder; Tobias Mirrors, Edith coffee table and Hiba rug

Photo: Volcano Canvas fabric

Volcano fabric recalls Martin's recent travels to Indonesia where Balinese legends are based around fire gods of volcanic mountains. The Earth's circular core and streams of spewing lava inspired this abstract motif. From miles away you can hear its inner rumblings of volcanic activity which gives the impression of an oncoming storm.

In truth, this is the angry precursor to an explosive eruption. Volcanos should no longer be things of terrifying legends, subtly incorporate them in your home for decorative flair.