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NEW Folklore Collection

NEW Folklore Collection


Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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Serengeti Multi

Serengeti is a vibrant multi-coloured, small-scale geometric print which will add colour, warmth and depth to any scheme.

Printed on the edge of the Lake District using ECOFAST technology, a digital pigment printing method which uses 50% less water than traditional techniques, ensures it is also kinder on our planet.

Taking its name from the National Park in Northern Tanzania, the colour palette of Serengeti from the Expedition Collection represents the myriad of wild animals inhabiting the 14,750kmĀ² of grassy plains. Famous for its annual animal migration, the mixture of fun, bright colours of Serengeti fabric evoke the coming together of wildebeest, zebra, black rhino and crocodiles from the Grumeti River as they cross paths on the hunt for new pastures. Not only does the fabric transport you to the spellbinding nature of these lands far away but it mimes the colourful expedition these animals face every year.

We suggest pairing this fabric with some of our bold coloured, soft Pelham velvets such as Clementine, Cerulean, Apple or Gobstopper creating a fun overall mix. It also sits beautifully with Corumba and Piedra Pink fabrics from our South American inspired, Ipanema collection.

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