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4 Top Tips for Styling Cushions

How to Guides | 28.11.2019

In the wake of the launch of our new Brindisi cushion collection, we asked some of our leading interior design partners and the Andrew Martin design team for their top tips on styling cushions.

From advice on colour, pattern and texture combinations, to how to add exciting details to make them feel that little bit more personal, we show you how to make the most of cushions within your interiors.

1. Combine textures, colours and patterns

At Andrew Martin, we have never been shy of pattern, texture or the layering of different styles. Indeed, it forms a key part of our design philosophy. This approach stems from a core belief that your interiors should be an extension of you, and act as a way to enable you to reveal your personality. And cushions are no exception to this approach, representing a quick and easy way to be creative and express your individual style.

We suggest mixing different prints together, such as Indus and Babylon from our Hindu Kush collection or Glacier and Volcano from Expedition, and if you're feeling brave, choose prints in different colourways too for added maximalist effect.

Or if you prefer a softer colour palette, Interior Designer, Sophie Paterson suggests contrasting one plain cushion like the neutral Trek Linen/Fasano Almond with a patterned one like Monte Almond for a simple yet elegant approach. Similarly, combining cushions with different details, like a fringed edge design next to another with a simple pipe is a more subtle way to achieve the same effect.

2. Think what type of room your cushions are for

If a room gets used frequently and you have young children or pets, choose cushions in fabrics which are more forgiving with stains - like textured weaves, or kilims. Plain velvets would not normally be advisable but our new Villandry collection has built-in Aqua Clean stain-resistant technology, making them perfect for practical family living, without compromising on style.

Cushions can also be used to set the tone of different rooms. Soft shades like our new Narikala or Ostuni designs will enhance a sense of quiet and calm for a bedroom. Whilst plush, more glamorous cushions like Vieste Storm/Noci or those with feathered trims like Ossington Linen/Guinea will create a more formal atmosphere and add a layer of smart luxury to a living room.

Cushions are like the handbag of your interior - they should elevate and add a layer of luxury and interest

Sophie Paterson, Interior Designer

3. Create a unique focal point

With a myriad of colourful fabrics, textures, braids, and piping to choose from, creating an original focal point with your cushions is simple.

For a contemporary sofa style, create an eye-catching centre piece by interspersing subtle metallic cushions like Monte Storm with plainer ones framed in a soft gold trim such as York Marl/Alezio. Or for a more relaxed sofa feel, combine linen or cotton cushions like Indus or Elbrus Denim with faded patterns and neutral tones.

Mixing different shapes and sizes, like the rectangular Psycho Sprig Tropical Blue cushion with the square Friendly Folk Provencal Yellow is another way to catch the eye and draw focus to your sofa or bed.

The possibilities are endless, and you can create a unique focal point

Kit Kemp, Interior Designer

4. Play with details for extra individual flair

Enhance and make the design of your cushions your own with small details like contrast piping, feathers, braiding or fringing.

To add a plush edge to a cushion, pipe a rustic linen or cotton fabric in a rich velvet or braided rope like Noci. Or for that extra luxurious feel, border your cushions in flamboyant feathers, as we have done with our Vince Charcoal/Guinea or add some metallic fringe like Alezio Silver/White.

Add exciting details to make your cushions feel that little bit more personal.

Kit Kemp, Interior Designer
Whatever your personal style, at over 500 designs strong and ever-increasing, the Andrew Martin cushion collection will leave you spoilt for choice. Head to the full offer on our website here or pop into the Walton Street showroom to be wowed by the showstopping wall of cushions.