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Hindu Kush

From the mighty Caucasus to the Indus River Valley, Hindu Kush takes us on a journey of discovery across some of the most mystery-shrouded and diverse landscapes in the world.

We begin at the snow armoured twin peaks of Europe's largest summit, Mt Elbrus, a dormant volcano that melts into craggy slopes and dense forest as the mountains march from one continent to another. Before travelling across Eastern Asia to the pastoral inhabitants surrounding the Indus river which flows from the misty foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains and down into the heart of Pakistan. The rugged geometric designs and soft natural tones in this collection explore the protean nature of these mountainous landscapes and the diverse cultures that survive around it.

Represented in the varying stripes of our Elbrus fabric design are the ridges and folds of the imposing frontiers created as tectonic plates meet. Haphazard edges integrate thin lines and thick swathes of colour, leafy green paired with red embodies the lush vegetation of deep valleys. Whilst dusky pinks and blues bring to mind the ethereal glow created as sunlight is reflected off of the highest snowcapped peaks before dipping below the horizon.

Photo: Dawn over the Hindu Kush mountains

Photo: Elbrus Denim fabric

Photo: Prescott 6ft headboard in Indus Cloud with cushions in Narikala and Elbrus, both in Cloud; Zuma bedside tables and Kali table lamps; Berber Desert wallpaper from the Casablanca collection

Captured in this collection of prints is a sense of adventure essential for travelling across these mysterious lands. The zig zags and geometric shapes of Indus and Babylon emulate the hand-woven fabrics that are an amalgamation of Tibetan, Indian and Afghan designs by the communities that inhabit the basin of the Indus river. This huge area stretches across countries, from the lush mountainous forest and undulating grasslands in the north east, to the arid semi desert provinces of Singh and Punjab to the south.

In a colour palette as wide and varied as the landscape that inspired it, rich russet tones sit alongside coniferous green replicating the dense forest that covers the lower slopes of the mountain ranges. Whereas the mottled texture of the herringbone weave gives the appearance of snow clinging to the craggy mountainside or rippling glacial water when combined with the denim blues of Babylon.

Photo: Babylon Cloud fabric

Photo: Mt Elbrus