Windsor Wools

As its name would suggest, this collection of wools oozes traditional elegance and smartness. But with its soft and supple touch, Windsor casts aside any stiff pretension.

The collection consists of four designs: a subtle herringbone, a sophisticated windowpane check, a smart pinstripe and a versatile plain, all available in a neutral colour palette of camel, powder, marl, charcoal and navy. These fabrics offer an elegant yet relaxed setting and an innate feeling of clean calmness. They are the perfect way to add depth and texture into contemporary interiors.


Wool has been used to make clothing and fabric since the Stone Age. Being naturally water and fire resistant it's not surprising that it has been a valuable commodity across cultures and centuries. When Richard the Lionheart was captured in 1192, Cistercian monks paid their part of the ransom to the Holy Roman Emperor in 50,000 sacks of wool, a year's clip. By naming the collection Windsor, we wanted to maintain the material's justified position of long standing tradition whilst making it new and relatable to today's interiors.

Our Windsor wools have built in anti-pilling technology and a Teflon finish, making them extra durable and enabling them to maintain their high quality appearance over time. The collection is extremely versatile, fitting to all tastes and schemes. Pair the darker colourways with rich leather sofas and trunks for a smart, gentleman's library look or place them next to contemporary chrome and bright colours for a bold scheme with character. Alternatively, use the softer colourways of Camel and Powder with natural materials like wood and slate for a Scandinavian hygge look.

Discover how the water resistant Teflon finish works in this video.