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NEW Folklore Collection

NEW Folklore Collection


Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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Salento Fabrics

Inspired by towering limestone cliffs, golden paradisiacal beaches and white washed rustic villages, the fabrics in our latest collection will instantly transport you to Salento’s historic, sun-kissed landscape.

Caught between the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, Salento's Hellenic past and relaxed modern sophistication is captured in this array of tranquil and calming fabrics. Loose rustic weaves sit alongside luxurious velvets and textured herringbones, whilst graphic batik and ikat linen prints replicate shadows cast across the peninsula's sparkling white buildings and dry-stone walls as 'golden hour' lingers across the sun kissed vista.

Shop the collection here or discover the story and inspiration below.

Photo: Ostuni/Alezio, Ostuni/Noci, Fasano/Alezio, and Fasano/Noci Cushions in Celadon and Blush

Take a stroll through the pretty piazzas and dainty archways of Apulia's medieval towns and sea front forts, as white washed houses and narrow lanes lead you through the inspiration behind the collections' colour palette. Simple and elegant sandy tones blend with shadowy greys and chalky whites that combine perfectly with the metallic sheen of Taranto to bring some Mediterranean serenity and grandeur to your very own palazzo.

Available in three sun-soaked colour ways and printed on smooth velvet, Alberobello and Trullo combines simple modest living with a sense of luxury. Their geometric motifs are reminiscent of the distinctive conical roofs of the dry-stone Trullo, made from local limestone, that cluster together along the streets of old town Alberobello. The Salento collection represents a countryside that is just waiting to be explored, before sprawling on a sun lounger and relishing in the delicious sea breeze.

Photo: Artemis sofa in Lecce Apron, Brindisi cushions, Braden coffee table Grey, Morrison side tables and Adrian sideboards

Photo: Great Gatsby wallpaper, Danny desk, Saturn Acrylic chair with Trullo Stone seat

Photo: Americana dining chair in Fasano Storm, Grey Pedestal bistro table, and Lifeguard Station + Malibu Beach artworks