Neon Artwork

Add some witty rebellion to your home.

This collection is all about making a statement. Give these neons space to laugh uproariously in an open plan interior or an industrial scheme, adding a stand-out focal point to a kitchen, living room or games room. But also don't be afraid to try them in a traditional build as it is often the merging of seemingly incongruous styles that creates beauty through surprise. To take the words of Martin Waller, "There always has to be a surprise in a room". With these neon poster boards, lenticulars and light-up mirrors we urge you to reclaim your childish wonder and get lost in infinity and beyond.

The neons by Andrew Martin are tongue-in-cheek, and their allusions to pop culture are playful, subversive and thought provoking.

The Independent
Britain and America neons; Kapow chair Fuchsia Fizz; Cocoa Power desk