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Dream Travel Destinations Inspired by our Favourite Fabrics

Travel | 23.07.2020

As we all know, this summer is all about embracing staycations. But while we soak up the sun in parks and our back gardens, our list of dream travel destinations continues to grow. At Andrew Martin we are endlessly inspired by the romance of travel and the joy of discovering the undiscovered. So, this summer we have been relying on some of our favourite fabric collections to whisk us off to distant lands and exotic climates, whilst we put the real deal to the top of our travel bucket list. Keep reading to join us on a virtual vacation across the globe from the Italian Riviera to ancient Mayan ruins, and hopefully you'll find some inspiration for your own wanderlust destinations.

At either ends of the country, Portofino and Salento each have distinct characters whilst remaining quintessentially Italian, and the fabrics in each of these collections embrace the relaxed sophistication and endless sun filled days that make up the kind of Mediterranean summer we've been dreaming of. Designed in collaboration with Sophie Paterson, Salento boasts an array of printed linens, relaxed loose weaves, thick luxurious velvets and metallic veined trims, all in soft, sun-soaked hues. Intended to be liberally mixed and matched these fabrics encapsulate the rustic luxury of this Southern Italian region bringing it right into your home, from the ornate architecture of the medieval churches, to the elongated shadows that appear across white-

washed walls late in the afternoon. We can practically taste the white wine and freshly made pasta.

Similarly, Portofino is made up of traditional weaves in cotton chenille and slubby herringbone motifs, but in a colour palette inspired by the town's vividly painted orange, yellow and pink houses, surrounded by sparkling sapphire waters. A place as famous for its high-end boutiques as it is its seafood restaurants this collection is as stylish as the Portofino clientele, with a natural charm that is perfect for summer interiors and made practical too with Piazzetta and Delphini's spill resistant Teflon coating.


Photo: Portofino Harbour


Photo: Delphini Cinnamon fabric

If you're daydreaming of somewhere more lively then take a journey to the fantastical streets of Mexico with our Hacienda collection. Travel through this vibrant country with energetic prints such as Tiki Tiki or Maya, where a plethora of animals and plants dance together in a palette of hot, vibrant shades. Or explore the stone steps of ancient Mayan ruins, echoed in the elaborate geometric design of Cruz, against a background of lush lime green or vivid fuchsia. Available across fabrics, wallpaper and cushions whether you choose hot pink Maya Paradiso, or the neutral tones of Otomi Dove, these prints bring home a sense of Mexico's energy and vivacity for life.


Photo: Chairs upholstered in Cruz Cactus


Photo: Queztal Bird

For those more adventurous, Hindu Kush is an expansive collection taking you on an expedition across continents. From the snow-capped Caucasus mountains to sprawling river valleys in the heart of Pakistan and northern India. This wild and varied landscape is reflected in the haphazard lines and textured stripes of prints like Elbrus and Indus. In lush, warm tones these designs are perfect for bringing warmth and a relaxed feel to your interiors. Further exploration reveals designs like Oxus and Babylon, meandering prints that take inspiration from fabrics woven by the rural communities that live along our route. These intricate designs are an amalgamation of Tibetan, Indian and Afghan influences, reflective of the rich tapestry of culture and geography that this landscape holds.

For our final destination we journey further East travelling through the ever mysterious and magical land of India. Jumbo and Bolo's iconic elephant motif appears in soft, muted colourways which evoke India's dusty, sun drenched landscape, transporting a sense of the country's whirling romance across the globe and into your living room. Journeying further towards the equator and into the humid jungles of Indonesia we discover classic geometric designs like Togo. This simple two-tone print takes inspiration from the traditional ikat fabrics that in the 19th century were typically associated with luxury and status but have been modernised with pale versatile colourways, with a splash of vibrant pink to remind us of it's tropical heritage.


Photo: Headboard in Kondo Powder, with Bolo Powder, Bolo Plaster, Togo Powder and Jumbo Scatter cushions, plus Togo Pink and Kongo Powder Bolster Cushions


Photo: Indian Elephant