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Japan Red

A luxuriously glossy lacquered wallpaper in rich regal red. The papers of the Japan Collection are Gravure printed which leaves the colour delicately textured. Then overlayed with shiny lacquer, these wallpapers have a multi-layered feel, giving them different look and appeal up close as to far away.

The Japan Lacquered Wallpaper Collection was named after the 17th century art of 'japanning' which was coined by European furniture makers who imitated the Asian style of lacquered furniture, typically black decorative cabinets. In 24 colours, this collection aims to facilitate the in vogue look of the modern boutique hotel or private members' club where glossy, colourful paint acts as a backdrop to gallery walls. But take your interiors one step further and play with these papers, matching two tones together or creating a contrasting stripe around a room.