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NEW Folklore Collection

NEW Folklore Collection


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Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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Exploration and adventure have always been our guiding ethos at Andrew Martin and through each collection we aim to bring distant lands to life within your home. Embodying this central principle, the Condor Collection captures our love of the natural world in a range of beautifully tactile and colourful woven fabrics.

Inspired by traditional Andean cloths which are woven by hand, the Condor collection has a unique, rustic appearance thanks to the irregularity of the yarns used in the weaving process. The slubby textures of the raw viscose and linen mix replicates the organic nature of these handmade textiles, creating subtle differences in the fabric which give each piece a truly unique feel.

Photo: Cushions from left to right: Poncho Boulder, Pampas Yellow, Pampas Natural, Poncho Snowcap, Mountain Stripe Condor, Mountain Stripe Fire, Llama Orange, Mountain Stripe Alpine, Poncho Alpine,

Photo: Poncho Alpine Cushion

Photo: Fabrics from top to bottom: Pampas Yellow, Pampas Pink, Pampas Teal, Pampas Natural, Pacos

Within each of the five designs we have instilled a sense of the wild beauty that exists across the expansive mountain ranges running the length of the Southern American continent. In vibrant red and orange tones grounded by strips of black, Llama and Pacos display chunky, textured stripes reminiscent of traditional Mexican or Peruvian cloths. For Pampas, geometric motifs are incorporated into stripes of varying size. The striking combinations of yellow, teal, pink and orange contribute to this distinctive pattern to create a playful,

joyful design. For a more contemporary look, Mountain Stripe is a simple two tone sacking stripe in a range of bright colours that maintain an earthy natural edge. These regimented lines bring to mind the colourful striations that mark the exposed geology of rugged Andean peaks. Finally, Poncho is a gorgeous tactile plain weave, bringing together two coloured yarns to create an intricately rugged and organic cloth.

Photo: Headboard in Pampas Natural, Pampas Natural and Poncho Snowcap cushions

Photo: Fabrics from top to bottom: Mountain Stripe Meadow, Mountain Stripe Fire, Mountain Stripe Condor, Mountain Stripe Alpine

Each design is available as a fabric by the meter and perfect for upholstery, injecting instant colour and personality into a space. They are also available in a range of joyful cushions, matched with wonderfully textured trims to accentuate the tactile quality of the fabrics and perfect for mixing and matching for a beautiful, eclectic look.