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Japan Lacquered Wallpapers

Japan is all about colour. Marc Chagall said, 'Colour is all. When colour is right, form is right'.

So, we have designed a collection of glossy wallpapers to put colour centre stage of a room, to breathe emotion into your walls and let spatial architecture follow.

Japan considers the multi-layered quality of colour: the nuances of different tones, colour's symbiotic relationship with light and how placing two different colours in compliment or contrast changes the overall feeling of a space. In 24 different variants, these wallpapers have been printed in such a way that shows textured, almost shaded tones, up close.

Then step back, and you will be dazzled by the brilliance of the extra glossy lacquered overcoat. The light-reflective luminescence means the darker colourways still sing vibrantly and the neutrals still invoke shiny excitement.


Japan reinvents the way walls are dressed.

Martin Waller, Founder and Creative Director

The collection was named after the 17th century art of 'japanning', which was coined by European furniture makers who imitated the Asian style of lacquered furniture. Oriental designers were ahead of time, their style literally mimetic of sleek futurism, just as Martin Waller is asking you to 'reinvent the way walls are dressed.'

The idea behind the Japan Collection is that you don't stop at just one colour. Create two-tone walls to play with the perspective of space and room structure. Add a contrasting stripe for a bold, decorative statement. Think outside of your four structural walls and create art with colour rather than form.