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How to Use Wallpaper in Your Home

How to Guides | 07.01.2020

When it comes to interiors, as our founder Martin Waller says; 'the first area to tackle should always be the walls'. In any room, the walls are the largest surface, so doing anything to them can often feel scary and intimidating, but that's also why taking time to consider them is so important. Whether your style is bold and maximalist or cleaner and more neutral our walls provide a background to our interiors and thus our everyday lives. Through using wallpaper, we can create interest and inject personality into our interiors, they can be used to impact the mood, atmosphere and even the function of a room whilst still allowing your existing furniture and accessories to sing.

Photo: Tulips Wallpaper

Appealing to the childlike curiosity within us all, our Scholar super wide wallpaper collection transports us to mysterious lands and undiscovered worlds. Designs such as Constantinople or Tulips play with scale, having an immersive effect whatever size room they are used in. The circular panel design means they can be used continuously across all walls. If this feels too daunting then treat the wallpaper as an artwork, pasting two panels across a single wall or section of the room. You can also choose a section of the design to paste half way up the wall, painting the remaining space and covering the join with a picture or dado rail.

Photo: Souk Sky Wallpaper

Photo: Great Gatsby wallpaper with Danny desk and Saturn chair with Trullo Stone upholstered seat

If the thought of moving from a single colour to a bold maximalist design feels like too much of a change you can experiment with more subtle prints in softer tones first. Our Casablanca collection contains an array of versatile designs in neutral colours that can be used to inject an element of pattern and depth into a room. Stars are spread intermittently across pastel backgrounds in Souk, and larger geometric prints sit upon tonal colours in Berber and Sabra. These simple designs create interest whilst providing a clean background on which to layer your furniture and brighter accessories.

Finally, when deciding on a wallpaper it is worth considering what the room will be used for, and how the walls can help to evoke a certain feeling. Our Oz wallpaper is derived from the classic board game of the 1920s. It's bright primary colours and fictional characters have a whimsical feel, encouraging an atmosphere of fun and frivolity. Not only wonderful for a children's playroom, we think Oz would work perfectly in a dining room or games room too. For a more refined and studious feel, our literary wallpapers such as Pride & Prejudice allow you to soak up the words from famous authors. The off white and dark text create a calming backdrop and encourage a studious yet tranquil atmosphere, perfect for a study or even a bedroom.

Photo: Oz Wallpaper, Westwood Sofa in Petrol and Andean cushions