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Andrew Martin Lighting Guide

How to Guides | 12.02.2024

When it comes to lighting your home, every room has its own unique set of considerations. Whether you're simply looking for ways to improve your home lighting design or are creating a fresh lighting plan for a brand new home, our Lighting Guide will help shed some light on concerns, and help you craft a solution that works for you and your space.

Living Room

Living rooms have been called the heart of the home, from hosting friends, family gatherings, games nights to cosy nights in. Choosing the correct lighting is important to be able to suit these many scenarios.
We like to use a variety of heights, shapes and textures to have the ability to light the room. Use Floor Lamps to avoid using the 'big light' or mix and match several different Table Lamps to show off your interior style.


Bedroom lighting is incredibly important to aid in falling asleep at night and waking up in the morning.
When choosing your Bedside Lamp, take into consideration the size of your bedside table and how much light you want the lamp to emit.
Whether you prefer a more diffused light with a fabric lampshade or a movable Wall Light for reading.

Dining Room

Whether you like to entertain often or prefer smaller gatherings, lighting your dining room correctly can make a world of difference.
We like to use low hanging Pendants to create an intimate setting, but not too low that you cannot see the person you're facing!
We also recommend Wall Lights to help divide up the room and illuminate works of Art.

Home Office

One of the most important aspects of any workspace is good lighting. Combining overhead and low-level light sources will allow you to stay comfortable, focused on the task at hand and can prevent unnecessary eye strain.
We like to have a Flush Light with a diffused light to make sure the entire room is well-lit alongside a Desk Lamp to ensure your deskspace is clear.


Whether you need bright light to help wake you up in the morning or something soft and relaxing to help you unwind in the bath at the end of the day, a properly lit bathroom can make all the difference.
Try using Wall Lights to frame your vanity and illuminate your mirror. Or use a Flush Light to brighten the whole room.


A well-lit entrance will create an inviting atmosphere right from the offset. For something bright, but not too extravagant, a small Flush Light is perfect.
If you have a slanted ceiling above the stairs and can't fit a flush light, then Wall Lights are a better choice.
If you've got extra ceiling height to play with, opt for architectural shapes and statement Chandeliers.
Bold is best when it comes to finding a lighting solution that doubles as a sculptural centrepiece!


Elevate your outdoor spaces with our range of Outdoor Lighting. Illuminate your surroundings with style and functionality using outside lights that tastefully blend aesthetics and durability.
Upgrade your exterior aesthetics with our collection of Outdoor Wall Lights, offering both decorative flair and practical illumination.

Finding the perfect Lightbulb

Now you've chosen your light, the next important factor is Lightbulbs. When shopping for lightbulbs, always check the warmth of the light that is emitted (this will usually be detailed on the packaging). When used correctly, warm, neutral or cool lighting will help to set the mood and create the perfect ambience.


Warm lighting is typically more orange in colour. It gives a natural and relaxing feel, especially in the evening. Think sunset lighting and cosy vibes.


Standard light bulbs produce a bright white light, similarly to the sun in the middle of the day. Exactly the kind of light source you want around your dining table, neutral lighting will keep the room well-lit and the atmosphere alive.


Cool lighting has a faint blue hue and creates a strong, bright light. It's not great for bedrooms, as bright blue light can hinder the process of winding down for the night. However, cool lighting does work well in areas where attention and focus is needed, such as in a home office or a kitchen.