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NEW Folklore Collection

NEW Folklore Collection


Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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Moroccan and Andean Seating

Upholstered in traditional handwoven Andean or Moroccan textiles, each piece in this collection is completely unique and available in a wide range of different patterns and colours. The perfect way to inject personality and joy into your interiors.

Andean Fabric

Originating in Peru and Guatemala, these rustic Andean handmade fabrics are made with sheep's wool and natural dyes from the mountains. Each textile displays rich iconography of the Andean culture and is completely unique. Available in a range of patterns and colours - from hot pink to soft sage green.

Moroccan Fabric

Traditionally made of natural and bio cactus silk thread, the Moroccan textiles are produced by the following process: fibres are collected from the aloe vera plant, spun, and hand woven. The thread is then dyed in beautiful shades of red, orange, blue, green and pink, and hand loomed to make each textile wholly unique.