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NEW Folklore Collection

NEW Folklore Collection


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Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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The Great Outdoors

Spending so much time at home over the last year has reminded us all of the importance of making the most of the space we have - whether it's an urban balcony, a sun trapped rooftop or a sprawling lawn in the countryside. So, as the days begin to get warmer and the evenings grow longer, we wanted to create a collection which extends your living space into the open air as we all emerge, wide eyed out into the sunshine after what feels like a very long winter.

The Great Outdoors is a collection of fabrics and cushions which have been specially designed for outdoor use. All of the fabrics have been treated with a shower resistant finish which is also anti-mould, anti-mildew and anti-microbial, ideal for sprucing up outdoor furniture which has spent the last six months in the shed! The cushions have each been filled with a hollow fibre pad, a synthetic filling which traps pockets of air to give the perfect amount plump and bounce, adding an extra layer of comfort to your set up. Each cushion has also been finished with washable velvet piping in contrasting and complimentary tones for a little touch of luxury.

Photo: Outdoor cushions: Delta Lagoon, Glacier Lava and Reef Tropic

Photo: Glacier Rock fabric, Gypsum Rock and Delta Rock outdoor cushions.

Across six designs we have reworked some of our favourite prints. Glacier, Volcano and Kingdom have each been reimagined in vibrant, joyful colours as well as a soft neutral Cloud and contemporary grey Rock. There are three more prints inspired by the shapes and forms found in the natural world. Reef is a free flowing geometric design inspired by the interlocking bed of coral it takes it's name from. Gypsum is a dainty, ikat style motif replicating the angular shaped mineral of the same name, and Delta is a delicate herringbone print which takes its cue from the undulating surface and intricate patterns of river deltas across the world. Each of these organic feeling designs mirror the shapes and forms found in nature to perfectly compliment your garden space and introduce a touch of vibrancy through bright, saturated colour.

Photo: Outdoor cushions left to right: Delta Lagoon, Glacier Lava, Reef Tropic, Glacier Lagoon, Kingdom Tropic, Delta Tropic, Reef Lava, Volcano Tropic, Gypsum Lava

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