Custom Made Chairs & Stools

Be individual with our custom made chairs and stools. Simply select your style and details, then choose from our extensive range of timeless fabrics. All of our made to order range are crafted in the UK or South Africa using solid birch or beech timber frames, have a ten-year guarantee and can be delivered to your door within 10 weeks.

How it works - Custom chairs
Choose your chair or stool style
Austen £1,235

A Directoire-style chair with swooping arms and wing sides.

Size: Fabric:
H 100cm 8m
W 80cm
D 90cm
Northumberland £1,175

Northumberland is a luxurious wing chair with small stud detail.

Size: Fabric:
H 102cm 7m
W 76cm
D 91cm
Fleming £1,250

A classic wing chair featuring a bolster cushion for added comfort.

Size: Fabric:
H 110cm 8m
W 85cm
D 100cm
Pluto £995

Pluto features an upright back and a deep seat and wings to make it cosy.

Size: Fabric:
H 114cm 6m
W 69cm
D 88cm
Triton £895

Triton is a modern slipper chair with winged sides.

Size: Fabric:
H 90cm 4m
W 80cm
D 86cm
Venus £1,195

This curved piece recalls the femininity of Botticelli's Venus.

Size: Fabric:
H 96cm 6m
W 70cm
D 72cm
Barnaby £850

Barnaby is a smart chesterfield club chair with straight arms and a decorative buttoned back.

Size: Fabric:
H 80cm 4m
W 68cm
D 80cm
Rodin £975

A courtly armchair with a rolled headrest, curved arms and a sink-in seat.

Size: Fabric:
H 89cm 6m
W 75cm
D 95cm
Freya £995

A curving beauty, Freya is a low chair with geometric back and arm lines, a plumply rounded seat and swivel base.

Size: Fabric:
H 76cm 5m
W 71cm
D 63cm
Cordelia £750

A low-slung L-shaped slipper chair with a tightly cushioned seat and back.

Size: Fabric:
H 83cm 3.5m
W 65cm
D 85cm
Swivel £895

A low swivel chair with a tall seat and panelled stitching on its back.

Size: Fabric:
H 80cm 4.5m
W 65cm
D 75cm
Milton £895

A low-rise wing chair with exaggerated depth, inviting you to sit back and relax.

Size: Fabric:
H 94cm 5m
W 75cm
D 91cm
Hamish £895

A majestic wing chair with a wide back, low arms and little horn-like wings.

Size: Fabric:
H 100cm 4m
W 72cm
D 76cm
Socrates £825

A classical wing chair with angular lines and an extra plump seat cushion.

Size: Fabric:
H 90cm 6m
W 68cm
D 74cm
Capulet £995

A sumptuous French style armchair with button detailing and wenge legs.

Size: Fabric:
H 89cm 7m
W 85cm
D 80cm
Edmund £895

Our Edmund chair boasts slung arms, dark wenge legs and a cushioned seat.

Size: Fabric:
H 90cm 5m
W 71cm
D 75cm
Ferguson £895

A smart arched-back armchair that stands tall on traditional wenge legs.

Size: Fabric:
H 93cm 5m
W 72cm
D 70cm
Alexia £950

Smart piping detail gives Alexia's wraparound back a geometric edge.

Size: Fabric:
H 84cm 6m
W 88cm
D 90cm
Belgaro £975

A laid back chair with a plump back and seat, stout arms and undulating curves.

Size: Fabric:
H 94cm 6m
W 88cm
D 90cm
Regal £1,075

A chair fit for royalty, with an opulent sink-in seat and tall back cushion.

Size: Fabric:
H 74cm 5.5m
W 77cm
D 73cm
Carla £725

A confidently boxy slipper chair with subtle fluting and tout tapered legs

Size: Fabric:
H 90cm 3.5m
W 70cm
D 80cm
Greenwich £725

This relaxed loose cover chair has a deep seat and scrolling arms

Size: Fabric:
H 90cm 7m
W 85cm
D 88cm
Victoria £925

A sumptous wide backed chair with inviting rollover arms and sculped legs.

Size: Fabric:
H 82cm 4.5m
W 78cm
D 75cm
Cameron £625

A modern twist on Rocco, with a shapely cushioned back and seat.

Size: Fabric:
H 125cm 3m
W 65cm
D 70cm
Vincent £625

Vincent's scrolled wings and opulent stud detailing give it ornamental edge.

Size: Fabric:
H 80cm 2.5m
W 51cm
D 59cm
Zig Zag £495

A sculptural chair with a striking profile and stud detailing.

Size: Fabric:
H 95cm 2m
W 52cm
D 62cm
Tennyson £795

A no-fuss chair with perpendicular lines and a comfortable padded seat.

Size: Fabric:
H 80cm 5m
W 80cm
D 70cm
Americana £525

Relax into this Parsons-style chair thanks to its inviting curved back and cushioned seat.

Size: Fabric:
H 90cm 2m
W 50cm
D 60cm
Bacall £595

A minimalist Louis XIV design with a headboard back, neat lines and an air of regal opulence.

Size: Fabric:
H 105cm 2.5m
W 58cm
D 66cm
Constantine £695

A large plump ottoman with relaxed pleated corners, a line of smart buttoning and stout wenge legs.

Size: Fabric:
H 49 3m
W 142
D 86
Shute £775

A crisp cube of a stool, sitting stylishly on a futuristic acrylic footed base; Perfect for small spaces.

Size: Fabric:
H 45 2m
W 48
D 48
Pandora £1,095

Button detailing on it's top adds a touch of chic to this cool, retro, round storage ottoman.

Size: Fabric:
H 42 5m
W 92
D 92
Rectangular £695

This stool has a characterful worked brass frame and a boxy cushion seat.

Size: Fabric:
H 45 2m
W 130
D 64

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