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Maximalism: the trend with Andrew Martin in mind

Interior Design Trends | 15.11.2018


It always seems like a feckless and shallow task pronouncing trends in the interior design industry. As Giles Kime of Country Life puts it, 'writing about furniture as if it was a frock encourages a throwaway attitude when we should be preserving the world's resources rather than sending them to landfill'. But as this is a trend about which Andrew Martin has been preaching since its dawn 40 years ago, I can't help but write this article with the utmost glee. Indeed, it was only recently in a PR meeting that our Founder, Martin Waller, cackling louder than everyone around the 'new-in' table, was rechristened Maximus Martinus. After all, it has often been said that he gives the ultimate thumbs up or thumbs down in the gladiator pit that is the interiors scene. So in a time of bold self-expression, liberal experimentation and a need to brighten up the political backdrop, in home d├ęcor it is the ethos of adding more which is taking us into 2019.

The key to getting this look right is removing the fear of doing it wrong.

Martin Waller

If it wasn't already, the word 'layering' will become the holy grail in interiors next year. Retro chintz is back with its joyful sense of flamboyance and a hint of the eccentric ridiculous. Your Mid-century modern (MCM) pieces can stay, as velvet goes hand in hand with maximalism, adding texture and different light-reflecting shades of colour. And really it's all about accessories: rugs, cushions, lampshades, sculptures and art, which luckily makes this an achievable trend to test out and accomplish.

Japan Melon Lacquered Wallpaper with Sonny Sofa Perplex Display Unit and Cordelia Chair Lifestyle

Decoration is an important building block of happiness. I hope what we do helps people feel happy and comfortable in their homes, and therefore in themselves.

Martin Waller

This is the perfect time to think about your personal possessions. A pitchfork or paintbrush long condemned to the garden shed, for example, now has its moment in the spotlight. Martin has always encouraged the repetition of everyday objects to create unique and characterful wall art. Empty out your cupboards and make a display of pieces on your shelves, cabinets, desks or console tables. Acrylic boxes or plinths can be used to make a special feature of your favourite pieces. As defines the AM philosophy, the quirky things you have collected along the way, all have a place in telling the story of your life amongst the exhibition space which is your home. So what if that includes a one-eyed toy monkey that plays the cymbals, an Art Deco ashtray with gold figurines dancing around its edge or an upturned bowler hat which you use as the fruit bowl? If your home reflects your personality and reminds you of nostalgic memories, then it is here you will feel most comfortable. And what is the point of interior design if it's not to create a space that makes you feel happy and at home.

Below we have picked out 5 Andrew Martin products which will transform your home to maximalist majesty:
1. Kit Kemp is the torchbearer when it comes to adding fresh and playful pattern and colour. She does this in huge, yet always incredibly coordinating, quantities. Wychwood wallpaper, from our Kit Kemp Collection, has a matching fabric called Friendly Folk in its colour reverse, so you can mix and match whilst keeping a cohesive theme.
2. Unique Sculptures - the bigger and the bolder, the better. Our brand new fruit sculptures come in a range of sizes, finishes and colours, from glossy turquoise to plated gold and even covered in customisable graffiti. Or try putting our giant Balloon Dog on your dining room table like model Ruth Crilley.
3. Our Westwood and Onassis sofas in rich-coloured velvet or the bubblegum colours of our Dorothy Swivel Chair add textured depth and evoke the playful mid-century feel associated with this look. A staple of good kitsch style.
4. Cushions are an easy way to add colour and pattern in glorious eruption. Especially with our signature contrast piping and the recent launch of a new smaller cushion size, meaning you can cram even more feather-filled comfort on your sofa, bed or armchair. Blend colours, patterns and shapes for maximalist impact.
5. Colour your walls with art, wall hangings or framed everyday objects. Our collection of artwork is booming, the showroom almost paving the zeitgeist of immersive installation with the amount of new painted one-offs, black and white prints and light-up neons adorning the walls. For tips on choosing and hanging art, have a read of our guide to art in interiors here.