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Fruit Cocktail

Our mouthwatering range of fruit sculptures, available in a range of showstopping sizes, finishes and colourways, is ripe with eccentricity and craftmanship.

Early in his existence man transformed the gifts of nature and created objects in their image. His imagination and creativity led him to shape vases and clay pots for his home, he decorated his temples and churches with bronze statues and he used glass ornaments and jewels to seduce. This juicy fruits collection cultivates this thousand-year old tradition, bringing creativity to the representation of nature through hand-blown glass artwork, hand-shaping and polishing bronze and shaping clay into unique ceramic and porcelain sculptures.

Graffiti Apple fruit sculpture

Photo: Graffiti Apple fruit sculpture

Plated Silver Apple fruit sculpture

Photo: Plated Silver Apple fruit sculpture

Aquamarine Turquoise Apple fruit sculpture

Photo: Aquamarine Turquoise Apple fruit sculpture

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