Our Top Interiors Trend For 2021

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Our top interiors trend for 2021 - Andrew Martin

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If we have learnt anything this year it's the importance of home. In his introduction to our 2021 brochure, our founder Martin Waller states how it was Pliny the Elder who coined the phrase "home is where the heart is" way back in 23-79 AD. So, with the phrase still in common parlance today, it's been pretty undisputed for 2,000 years, yet seems ever more important in todays complicated world. As we move into the new year it's safe to say the way we use our homes has changed, possibly for good. Trends such as a particular colour, or a specific fabric are fleeting and will continue to come and go with time. But as the spaces in which we now live and work take on an increased significance, there are a few things that we will always consider essential ingredients for a heart filled home: 'colour, texture, scale, pattern' and above all: comfort.

The colours we choose is one of the the most subjective and personal part of our interiors, and having spent an increased amount of time within the same four walls this year there will be many of us who are re-thinking the shades they wish to surround themselves with. In times of uncertainty our homes have become individual sanctuaries, a feeling which can be harnessed by warm, comforting tones. Within our paint collection are a host of earthy neutrals designed to ground your space and inject a warmth which will perhaps go some way in making up for that missed summer holiday: Morrocan Souk, Georgian Clay, African Baobab, Serengeti and Espadrille are a few of our favourites. Alternatively, following in the footsteps of Pantone's 2020 colour of the year 'Classic Blue', this aquatic shade is a consistent favourite throughout interiors. Whether you stick to traditional blues like Skipper, Porto Tile, Blue Nile and Orinoco River, or lean towards the more vibrant pigments of Kingfisher, Egyptian Indigo, Carnival Headdress or Lake Tekapo this timeless colour feels comforting and familiar whilst the breadth of shades offers versatility in a time where our homes become ever more multi-functional.

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It is no secret that at Andrew Martin we like to champion maximalist style. Building up layers of materials and objects can feel comforting and soothing as we cocoon ourselves from the outside world. As Martin describes; 'we have always had an unhealthy obsession with texture - the scrunch of linen and the gloss of deep pile velvet, the sleek sheen of chrome and the coarseness of hammered iron, the precision of smooth veneer and the grain of rough hewn timber'. Cushions will always be a brilliant quick and easy way to build up texture and inject personality into your home, allowing you to combine materials, colours and patterns in a way that feels unique to you. But texture is not solely found in soft furnishings. We encourage you to embrace a wide combination of materials across your furniture, from the faux shagreen texture of our Amanda range to the organic grained feel of the Raffles collection, these tactile finishes elevate these everyday pieces and create depth within an interiors scheme.

The world is emphasizing on interiors, which are now prettier, softer and with a handmade ‘folk look’. This reflects the need for comfort in the stressful times we live in today

Stephen Falcke, Interior Designer

Yet, when it comes to interiors, if we had to pick a single philosophy to go by it would probably be that bigger is (almost) always better. As Martin declares: 'scale is the secret weapon of design'. Whether it's a supersized, sculptural piece of art or layered geometric printed fabrics, playing with scale is a way of adding excitement and surprise to your interiors. It's a philosophy that was at the forefront of our minds when creating the Scholar collection. These super wide wallpapers play with scale by enlarging ancient maps or pages of your favourite books, emphasising the transformative power of wallpaper

and offering a new form of escapism. Our diverse and extensive range of patterns offer another way of playing with scale. The designs in our Casablanca wallpapers are versatile and soft, use them to create a perfect backdrop for layering or choose one of the larger prints to take centre stage within a room across a vast section of wall. Similarly, our newest collection Grand Bazaar combines warm tones with a mix of dainty prints and bigger playful patterns, creating pieces that can be layered together to build a look that is as eclectic or minimalistic as you like.

It’s not about space fillers or trends, but having items that you truly love and will keep for decades and pass on

Sophie Paterson, Interior Designer and Andrew Martin Collaborator

Finally, in a year when our homes have had to become all things to all inhabitants, comfort may have taken a backseat against functionality. Going into 2021 brings a need to reassess how we use our spaces, and whether this has changed compared to a year ago. However, it's important not to forget that the primary function of our living spaces should be comfort, and at Andrew Martin we believe that being surrounded everyday by the things you love is the ultimate source. Our homes should be a reflection of our personalities, and it's the eclectic culmination of colours, patterns, materials and objects which is totally unique to its residents that turns a house into a home. So, as we move into the new year our biggest trend for 2021 is a focus on individuality when curating our living spaces. From our ever expanding and diverse range of wallpapers, fabrics, artwork, cushions and furniture, we urge you to choose pieces that you truly love and combine them, unabashedly, in a way that is unique to you. As Martin says: 'the key to getting this look right, is removing the fear of doing it wrong'.

comfort is the greatest gift in any interior design scheme and that comes from a home that truly represents the owner and their individual style

Martin Waller