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Grand Bazaar

Drawing on the majesty of Marrakech, the dusky pastel hues of the sun setting over this historic Moroccan city provides the backdrop for this distinctive collection of prints.

The five prints of Grand Bazaar have been designed to be mixed and matched for a relaxed and multi-layered look. With Berber and African influences these subtle geometric patterns instil an air of al fresco into your interiors, conjuring images of shaded stone courtyards and leafy rooftop verandas. Printed on eco-friendly Jute, each of the casual designs are available in a range of rustic tones with a washed-out effect for a subtle vintage feel. A colour palette of warm terracotta and soft blush is reminiscent of Marrakech's iconic sandstone buildings, while grey tinged blues reflect the rugged mountainside that stretches across the horizon.

Navigate the winding alleyways and squeeze down the narrow streets of Marrakech's famous medina to discover a myriad of treasures, from heady perfumed spices to traditional Moroccan rugs. Look closer and you will be sure to spot some of the geometric motifs from Kasbah, a delicate constellation of shapes scattered across a soft pink or rusty orange background. Layer this abstract design with the playful zig zags of Kyoto, a relaxed and unobtrusive print available in dusky rose or navy. Or try Kerala, a fresh and simple ikat fabric, ideal for introducing a subtle element of pattern into your interiors.


Photo: Sofa in Kerala Orange, with Kyoto Blue, Kasbah Pink and Kasbah Orange cushions


Photo: Inspiration from Marrakech

In more neutral tones, Kongo takes inspiration from traditional Moroccan Berber rugs, woven by tribal women who incorporate stories from their daily lives into each of their designs through various abstract symbols. Organic shapes appear intermittently across the rough criss-cross structure of this pattern that has a contemporary feel despite its ancient roots. Grand Bazaar

is a relaxed collection of fabrics, each design evoking some of the mystique of this enigmatic city. When combined these designs bring to mind memories of travellers drinking sundowners in the balmy evening light, soaking up the gentle hum of the market square after a day trekking in the breath-taking Atlas mountains.