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Kelly Hoppen furniture now in stock!


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Portofino Fabrics

Named after the stunning coastal town, frequented by Italy’s most chic and elite, the fabrics of the Portofino Collection reflect the colourful façades and high-end quality quintessential of this part of the Italian Riviera.


Portofino exists as an interesting dichotomy, a charming fishing town with winding cobbled streets and quietly captivating natural beauty also filled with fashionable high-society who float from superyacht to waterfront-bar like expensive silk. The collection encapsulates this, using traditionally stylish fabric weaves whilst assuring the softest touch for comfortable interiors that you can relax in. We have chosen colours that capture a Mediterranean summer with citrus hues, soft sunset pastels, aquamarine blues and greens as well as cool, classy neutrals.

They recall the iconic, vividly-coloured houses with contrasting shutters, that stand next to each other like a Fauvist painting. Not forgetting the glittering, sapphire water of Paraggi Beach. Portofino is not your usual plains collection. Combining textural weaves, alluring colours and soft tactility it invites you to enjoy an idyllic, Mediterranean love affair.