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Holly Frean

We have recently collaborated with British artist, Holly Frean, to create this animal-inspired collection of textiles.

Using a selection of Holly's drawings and paintings, we have developed flocked penguin and monkey wallpapers, printed elephant fabrics and velvet lion and giraffe cushions - amongst many others - to create a fun, mischievous and truly original collection.


Holly began her artistic training as an architect but painting soon took over. She grew up playing on the floor of her parents' textile design studio and before long she found herself helping with tracing, cutting, sticking and arranging for designers and artists.

Since then, she has exhibited internationally, accruing a numberof fine art prizes and features in the Sunday Times, Lifestyle and Homes & Gardens magazines; and in designer Kit Kemp's latest book, Every Room Tells A Story. Holly's animal paintings lie at the heart of this unique and original collection.



Holly's artwork has been digitally printed onto linen or cotton to create a playful mix of fabric designs.

Noah is the lead fabric design of the collection, which uses Holly's watercolour safari animals and plant life, to whisk you on a colourful journey to Noah's Ark. Each animal proudly with his mate, there's no need for binoculars here to see an elephant scooping up water with it's trunk, a bear dancing amongst fallen coconuts and a wolf howling to its pack.


We have turned Holly's drawings into wallpapers using a number of different techniques, including a flock and surface print process.

With a casual, ripped postcard backdrop and 55 pairs of different ink-drawn animals, Two by Two is our favourite design. From a proud lion to a hanging sloth, a howling wolf and a many-eyed spider, Two by Two features a myriad of characterful animals.