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Trending: Agate and Marble

Interior Design Trends | 02.03.2018

As we are being faced everyday with the imminent collapse of our ecological climate, there seems to be increasing interest in all things natural. This, of course, has been translated into interiors trends. Where houseplants and pared-back wood have been on the scene for a while, 2018 is taking it one step further with the use of minerals such as agate.

This week, Elle D├ęcor posted about the green marble trend currently flooding Pinterest. Since the wake of this year, our best-selling products have been tables topped or inlaid with agate, with the Ida side table and Cici bar trolley selling out within days. This has led us to ask what makes marble and semi-precious stone so alluring. Our answer? Their naturally created lines and curves which hold the mesmeric beauty of randomness.

As visual culture is always reflective of social needs, it is no wonder that we are craving organic decoration inside our homes rather than the overly conscious, man-made we are constantly faced with outdoors. Peter Dunham, of Peter Dunham Design, was quoted in Vogue's Interior Design Predictions for 2018, "In our tech-driven world, we all need handmade pieces in our lives!". This shows the desire for uniquely made products in rebellion to robotic mass production. Now, I am not suggesting that we live in a George Orwell-esq dystopian nightmare, but there is reason for the increasing awareness of yogic practise, mindfulness, veganism and the use of natural materials.

Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir, writer and director of the 2016 documentary Innsaei, says we have evolved into overly rational beings, losing sight of our natural emotions and losing the ability to act intuitively. For centuries the Eastern world has believed in the use of natural materials in the home to promote psychological wellbeing. If you wish to look deeper into the meaning of agate, its feng shui qualities include energy protection and balance. This is said to be to do with the strength in the layering of the crystalline rings that have formed over millennia, from when volcanic activity created the Earth's continents.

In our tech-driven world, we all need handmade pieces in our lives!

Peter Dunham in Vogue

So how do you do justice to new agate pieces in your home? Well, where 2016-17's favourite mid-century modern trend is making space for 70s glamour and gold, the tactility and layered look of these stones go perfectly with rich textures like velvet. Dark blues, milky whites and earthy neutrals like sage are the colours in vogue this year, which again sets the scene for natural materials and allows for feminine lines and decorative gloss.

Head over to our 2018 Furniture Collection to see a whole range of agate and marble side tables, coffee tables and consoles or come into our showroom on Walton Street to find one off delights including agate book ends, trinket boxes and ornaments.