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Our Top Interiors Trend For 2021
Tessa Jones in How to Guides — 03.12.2020
Our Top 20 Paint Colours - Statement Shades
Tessa Jones in Interior Design Trends — 17.06.2020
The Andrew Martin ethos is defined by a love of bold colour and a passion for discovery, and our paint collection is no different. Continue to explore our top 20 colours with these bold and birght shades.
Our Top 20 Paint Colours - The New Neutrals
Tessa Jones in Interior Design Trends — 03.06.2020
Taking you on a journey across the globe our new paint collection is a kaleidoscope of colour inspired by global travel. Explore the collection through our top twenty colours, starting with a selection of our favourite new neutrals to decorate your home with.
Matthew Williamson
Escapism Through Interiors
Tessa Jones in Interior Design Trends — 20.04.2020
Our top picks on the best interior's books, instagram accounts and podcasts to escape to right now. Giving you permission to lose yourself in a few hours of guilt-free scrolling into world class artistry, creativity and inspiration.
Summer Trends to Transform Your Home
HELENA FLYNN in Interior Design Trends — 04.07.2019
We explore the top design trends this summer, from captivating colours to modern florals and how you can incorporate them into your home.
An Ever Evolving Canvas: How Art Influences Interior Design
Lucy Von Goetz in Interior Design Trends — 03.05.2019
Discover how artistic movements have influenced interior design and how they can help you create a home of intriguing taste, with real personality.
The Role of Art in the Home
Lucy Von Goetz in Interior Design Trends — 30.04.2019
Explore the role of art in interiors and how to effectively utilise art in your design schemes.

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