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Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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Sleep easy in the perfect bedroom

How to Guides | 04.01.2024

Although the kitchen is known as the heart of the home, our bedrooms are where we begin and end each day. Far away from the mess of the hallway, and the noise of the television, these quiet spaces become our private sanctuaries. Places where we ready ourselves for the day ahead, before relaxing and unwinding come the evening. We believe our bedroom interiors should be as individual as the people that inhabit them, but here five essential principles we can all use to create the perfect space for dreaming.

One easy trick for an effortlessly sophisticated look is to match your largest pieces of furniture. Having a bed, storage and nightstand in the same finish will create harmony across your bedroom and provide a coherent base upon which to layer accessories. Our Raffles and Amanda ranges include a bed as well as a number of storage options so you can find the right combination for your space. Their soft neutral finishes and delicate metallic handles evoke laid back luxury, letting your personal objects take centre stage.

As the ancient art of Feng Shui teaches us, finding the right balance and positioning of pieces in your room can be more important than you think. More storage will help to reduce clutter, allowing you to be selective about the items you want on display. However try not to overcrowd your room, leave space to breath by avoiding too many tall pieces above head height, as they can make a room feel signifcantly smaller.

Once the furniture is in place it's time to take your room to new heights. A headboard is an easy and luxurious addition to a bedroom and if a statement design is chosen, it can acheive the same effect as art without using artwork. As Martin explains: "Headboards are an inexpensive way of transforming a bedroom. They act as a focal point without the difficulty of choosing artwork".

For a modern scheme shapes like Paxton or Sage are simple yet smart, and can take on a unique style depending on which fabric you choose. Or for a room with more romance, opt for the sculptural shapes of Lucifer and Chloe that will add instant drama and offer the chance to incorporate a fabric with a large pattern too. Designed with Kit Kemp, fabrics such as Friendly Folk or Hedgerow are spacious prints whose storied designs will encourage the sweetest of dreams.

Clever lighting in your bedroom is also essential for setting the right tone, helping to wake you up in the morning and unwind in the evening. Our brains love symmetry, so a pair of matching lamps placed either side of your bed can help to instantly calm your mind once you enter the room. A lamp with a sculptural base such as our Linden or Weller are works of art unto themselves, providing an element of decoration and interest even when switched off. For smaller spaces go for a more minimal shape such as Clarkson or Paix which provide good directional light for reading, without taking up too much space on your bedside table.

Carefully selected cushions can instantly elevate your space, adding layers of texture and pattern. Our Brindisi cushion collaboration with Sophie Paterson, a designer known for her effortlessly sophisticated and elegant designs, is a good place to start. Geometric prints like Monte look fantastic against textured trims like Mattinata and Alezio, or the smooth velvet of Vieste. In odd numbers, layer your favourite designs across your bed, creating a sumptuous nest that you can't wait to sink into. If you've stuck to a neutral scheme in the bedroom, cushions are also a great way to introduce colour and can be easily rotated with the seasons.

The rich tones of designs like Indus Brick help to create warmth in the winter, whilst the brighter tones of Java or Kambera will help to bounce sunlight around the room during spring and summer. For the final touches to your sanctuary a central piece of artwork is perfect for making a statement and tying everything in the room together. Make sure it's a piece that really makes you smile, and if you have the space, try hanging it in front of the bed so it's the first thing you wake up to in the mornings. Our large scale neon artworks are a great way to bring an element of fun into your space, their neon light filling the room with an all-over colourful glow.