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Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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Creating the Perfect Nursery

How to Guides | 12.02.2020

Preparing your home for your new arrival is an important part of the nesting process, but we understand it can feel a little daunting. This modest room, that may once have housed a stack of mysterious cardboard boxes or perhaps a spare bed gathering dust, will now be the first place your little one will call home; and as new parents you'll be spending a lot of time in here too. Comfort and practicality are key, but creating a calming and inspiring space which feels like you and encapsulates some of the things that you want to instill in your new addition is equally as important. Whatever your interiors style, we've broken nursery decorating down into three sections to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Leaving you more time to put your feet up.

Photo: @helenwilliamsoninteriors - Products pictured: Animalis wallpaper

Photo: @alexanderjamesinteriors- Products pictured: Ark Parchment wallpaper

Although your baby may not be opening their eyes much over the first few weeks, when they do, make sure it's to something engaging and beautiful. An easy trick for a chic and timeless nursery is to keep the furniture neutral, using the walls to introduce some colour and pattern. In her recent nursery project, Helen Williamson Interiors paired a plain blue blind with our Animalis wallpaper, filled with Holly Frean's charming safari animal illustrations. We love the gorgeous colour tones and storybook style imagery that will leave any child enchanted, especially as they begin to learn the sounds and names of the pairs of animals.

Alexander James Interiors have also gone for an animal theme with Ark Parchment wallpaper in this gorgeous nursery. The vintage animal illustrations have been inspired by the collections at the Natural History Museum and are mirrored in the accessories throughout the room. With so many styles to choose from, deciding on a wallpaper can be a timely task. To make it easier, explore all our favourite nursery designs using our handy website filter.

Photo: @sophiepatersoninteriors - Products pictured: Ark Cloud wallpaper, Jungle Grey fabric

Photo: @sophiepatersoninteriors - Products pictured: Madison chair, Petrified Log stool, Clarkson floor lamp

Photo: @ollyandem - Products pictured: Ark Parchment wallpaper

Comfort and storage are the two big players to consider when it comes to nursery furniture. An armchair with a wide seat and low arms is essential for storytime snuggles and those late night feeds. Our Finbar or Basset chairs will ensure you're both snug and cosy, either keep it neutral with a plain or have some fun with animal motifs, as these classic silhouettes mean they can be easily repurposed in other rooms later on. Or choose a swivel-based design for the perfect chair to help rock them off to sleep. It's also good to try and maximise floor space, giving your little one plenty of room to explore once they are a bit older. Here Sophie Paterson Interiors has accompanied our Madison swivel chair with soft lighting provided by the Clarkson floor lamp, and one of our Petrified Log stools as a handy side table. These stools take up minimal floor space and are sturdy enough not to be knocked over by toddlers on the move.

As any new parent will tell you, babies come with a whole entourage of belongings, so adequate storage is a crucial element to any scheme. Drawers are great as they save awkward bending down and shuffling through shelves to find what you're looking for. Our Chloe range has five size options so you can find the best fitting piece for your space, whilst the soft wood veneer helps to evoke a calming atmosphere. Alternatively our Raffles sideboard makes it easy to store larger items, and the internal drawers with storage systems help you to stay organised. There's no reason storage solutions can't be practical and fun too, our Dolls House cabinet is a truly charming piece to be kept and passed down through generations. With two adjustable shelves and three dovetailed drawers there is ample room for toys and clothes, or fit a rail across for an adorable wardrobe.

Photo: @athenacreativeinteriors - Products pictured: Jungle Linen fabric, Glacier Storm cushion, Kingdom Storm cushion

Photo: @andrewhenryinteriors - Products pictured: Nell Taupe wallpaper

For the finishing touches cushions are not only decorative but practical too, scatter them across chairs for extra comfort or on the floor to create a soft play area. Designing this scheme for a nature and animal-loving little girl, Athena Creative Interiors accessorised the bed with our Glacier Storm cushions to introduce some geometric print. Whilst our Kingdom Storm cushion on the chair ties the animal motif with the blind, in our Jungle Linen fabric, and the duvet cover. For something more textured but still practical

our Villandry cushions come in a range of jewel tones and have been treated with magical stain repellent properties so spillages are easily cleaned up leaving the cushions looking as good as new. Rugs are another practical way to add some personality to your nursery, and an essential for providing extra padding, especially if you have wooden floors. Designs such as our Lusaka rug will inject some fun and personality into the room and the textured geometric design is great for those just discovering their senses.

As when decorating any room in your home, the key is to fill it with pieces you love to create a look that is undeniably yours, and the nursery is no exception. Curating a space that reflects you and the values you want to instill in your new family member, will allow you to feel at ease and relaxed, giving you time to create a truly personal collection of memories.