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Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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Andrew Martin White Pop Up

Events | 05.06.2018

Introducing Andrew Martin White our exciting summer pop up at 186-188 Walton Street, next door to our permanent London showroom. White works as an antithesis to our flagship; its cool tones and calmness contrasting the whirlwind of colour and lights next door. The diaphanous day after the flurried excitement of the night before.
Watch the video here.

The concept of White is to showcase a different way of using Andrew Martin products, breaking our signature look and instilling wide-eyed surprise - something we like to do best. As its name would suggest, the emphasis is on whites, neutral tones and space to breathe. Low and laid-back sofas, such as our best-selling Truman, invite you to sink in and relax whilst ornaments like a white stone bust or a flock of gabbling white geese join you in silent company.

Glass and metallic finishes of coffee and side tables reflect the light, elevating the ceiling and creating an airy brightness. Similarly, large mirrors adorn the walls, increasing the perception of space and allowing the flow between inside and the outdoors. Natural elements punctuate the scheme, like our agate topped side tables, rounded olive trees and hydrangeas which add snaps of fresh colour and natural zen. Complementing this, French rustic pieces in distressed wood inject subtle elegance with fluted legs and ornamental corners in stripped back white or light ash. To complete this meditative calm, an alcove to the back demonstrates a bedroom set with one of our new custom headboards inviting you into its cloud-like embrace.

So, come into Andrew Martin for your eyes to pop with visual stimulation then cool down in White next door and you will float out feeling lighter and taller. It is the perfect full circle experience, an exhibition of two completely diverse yet complimentary Andrew Martin interior design concepts.