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Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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XTX Markets Office


The Andrew Martin team, with Martin Waller at the helm, completed the futuristic, cutting edge office design of pioneering FinTech company, XTX markets.

The brief was to create an awe-inspiring yet harmonious working environment that reflected the business's innovation in technology and appealed to the best and the brightest talent in the finance industry.

Each area has a diverse selection of distinctive elements that create a unique atmosphere singular to the room itself. The carefully curated furniture, artwork and fittings are inspired by the co-CEO's love of sci-fi and space exploration.

A fascination with space forms the foundation of the overall design. Our full replica of the famous Apollo 11 command module, perfectly re-constructed, sits pride of place in the breakout space. This extraordinary installation serves as both an unusual meeting room and a hideaway for employees to relax. This visionary style is also embodied by the glowing touch wall, inspired by graphic interference 'moiré' patterns.

Undulating lights beneath the surface change colour and pattern, cleverly stimulated by touch to create an intriguing interactive experience.

XTX Markets' office design encapsulates our design approach: Always seeking to create interiors which delight and surprise our clients, whilst also getting right to the heart of our client's personality and tastes.

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