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NEW Folklore Collection

NEW Folklore Collection


Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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The Prevu Collection

As the lines between fashion and interiors become increasingly blurred, the Prevu x Andrew Martin collection is a bold union of two distinct brands. This range of smart tailored fabrics as well as a striking geometric design combines Prevu's contemporary urban edge with the legacy of Andrew Martin to create a fresh and exciting collaboration.

If the past year has taught us anything, its that the pieces we choose to surround ourselves with are just as pertinent to our wellbeing as the clothes we choose to wear. So for Jake Hall, founder of Prevu, the move from fashion to interiors was a completely natural one. Sharing a dedication to selecting beautiful fabrics and working with the best weavers and printers the Prevu and Andrew Martin teams have curated a range of smart, useable fabrics with adjacent cushions and two throw designs.

'People's thought process has changed since lockdown, they want to make their homes look good' - Jake Hall

Beginning in 2015 Prevu has grown from working out of Jake's garage, to a brand displayed in top retail stores across the country. A story which is not dissimilar to that of Andrew Martin. As two homegrown brands, celebrating British craftmanship and supporting UK factories was as relevant to the collection as the designs themselves. As our design director David Harris explains, because of this 'all our cushions from this collaboration will be made in the UK. We want to keep it exclusive in terms of producers and factories'.

The central design of this collaboration is Prevu's 'Togetherness' logo. An intricate motif which plays with the shape of the letters of both words and represents the idea of bringing people together once again. As a concept which came to light during the pandemic, there is a serendipity to the timing of the launch of this new collection.

"This is our emblem for getting back together, people coming together after lockdown, when we first developed this collaboration we were all in lockdown, but as we launch this collection, we are all looking forward to getting back to some form of normality" Jake Hall

As the hero fabric, Petro is available in two colourways and the motif is spaced evenly across the fabric and tied together with a linked linear pattern in a slightly darker hue. Alongside this graphic design is Allegra, a classic boucle textile. Available in Charcoal, Ivory and Natural, this fabric has a regular textured surface for a more refined finish.

Each fabric has a smart tailored feel, evidence of Prevu's fashion influence and something which is continued in the accompanying range of cushions. In a versatile square shape the Allegra cushion features a double French seam for a subtle note of interest. Whilst the linen designs display a neat stripe of tape across the front and back, a detail inspired by the tape of military medals, available in two sizes, the rectangular shape is ideal for layering alongside the other prints and textures in this collection.