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Houdini Velvet

Introducing 35 stain resistant velvet colourways from popping Tangerine to muted Mole. Houdini combines soft comfort and exceptional luxury with ease and practicality.

This collection allows you to dance ecstatically amongst a theatre of velvet, without worrying about anything other than flailing fun. In true escape artist style, stains as tough as coffee and ketchup can be wiped away, leaving you with pristine fabric and eyes dazzling with wonder.


Houdini boasts expert stain resistant technology which makes it the absolute go-to fabric for everyday family living. Spillages can be wiped away easily following our clear instructions. Available in both FR (£30/m) and non-FR (£28/m). The non-FR version is for more supple accessories like curtains, cushions and throws and is machine washable at 30 degrees whilst the FR version is more durable for upholstery.

Inspired by the sensational escape acts of Harry Houdini and the dramatic unveiling of a stage's red velvet curtains, this collection is designed to get you out of a potential predicament and add sumptious colour and texture to your scheme. Watch how easy it is to wash a stain away in this video.