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Our Top 20 Paint Colours - The New Neutrals

Interior Design Trends | 03.06.2020

Rooted in the romance of travel, the Andrew Martin paint collection takes you on a journey of discovery across the globe. From America's Great Plains, represented by a soft and elegant grey, to the interlocking treetops of the Amazonian rainforests, captured in lush green Canopy. Staying true to the Andrew Martin ethos, our palette of 114 colours is made up of an extensive range of versatile neutrals, punctuated by bold splashes of zingy colour. Read on to explore the first of our top twenty colours, beginning with the new neutrals.

White makes the ultimate statement, nothing is so black and white as white

Martin Waller

There is sanctuary and a romance to be found in pure white and the absence of colour, as the Arctic landscape demonstrates. To capture this we created Polar Bear, a creamy white inspired by the warmth of its namesake's fur coat against their icy surroundings. The softness of this shade makes it a perfect choice for all white schemes, where shadow and tone are essential for creating texture and depth. Finish off with layers of tactile furnishings and golden wood accents to accentuate it's warmth. For a more contemporary look, delicate greys like Cloud Forest, Maasai Mist or Great Plains each offer a great alternative to pure white for creating light and bright spaces. With varying undertones, each shade adapts with the changing light of day. Maasai Mist can appear almost pale blue in some lights, and Great Plains has a tint of beige for a more classic feel.


Photo: Walls painted in Cloud Forest


Photo: Cloud Forest inspiration

Blue may not first come to mind as a neutral shade, but it's calming properties make it a natural choice for creating soothing, grown up spaces. At first glance, Sussex Flint may seem like an unassuming mid-toned grey, but a dose of blue gives it a crispness that is a great alternative to all white or pale grey walls. Blue Nile is a slightly bolder and more pigmented blue, but it has a muted quality that helps to widen a space and promotes a relaxed atmosphere, especially when paired with creamy shades like Coconut Beach or Parachute.


Photo: Sussex Flint inspiration


Photo: Walls painted in Sussex Flint

Neutral schemes don't always have to involve pale, muted colours. Our selection of darker greys and taupes will define a space whilst maintaining a serene and calming mood. Monolith is a warm, velvety grey with hints of mauve that will give any room an inviting feel. It is dark enough to stand up against black or mahogany furniture, but gentle enough to work with white soft furnishings like bed linen or cushions. Surprisingly versatile, Wild Truffle and Mount Kilimanjaro are strong dark shades that will help ground a room, before confidently sinking into the background to let other colours and textures shine.