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Our Top 20 Paint Colours - Statement Shades

Interior Design Trends | 17.06.2020

The Andrew Martin ethos can be defined by our love of bold colour combined with a passion for discovery and exploration, and our paint collection is no different. Amongst a wide array of versatile and usable neutrals, you'll find intermittent bursts of colour. From vibrant yellows and energising pinks to rich deep jewel tones. Read on to discover some of our favourite colourful hues and ideas on how and where to use them.

Yellow is mellow and uplifting all at the same time. It transports us back to long lazy sun drenched days in the Mediterranean and it can brighten us up on the darkest of winter days. It works brilliantly with blues, teals, greens and reds, and for real crisp freshness use with white

Martin Waller

Bright and vibrant tones are guaranteed to inject energy into your interiors. Inspired by spectacular shades of nature, milky turquoise Lake Tekapo and playful Dutch Tulip will breathe new life into your home. Make a statement with your walls and use carefully chosen furniture to define the overall function and feel of a room. Choose different tones of the same shade to soften the look, or go for crisp whites and contrasting colours to up the drama. For those not brave enough to flood a whole room with a colour as bright as the golden hues of Firefly then use it as an accent colour in smaller areas or unexpected places such as inside cupboards for a similar element of surprise and delight.


Photo: Walls painted in Dutch Tulip


Photo: Dutch Tulip Inspiration

With increased emphasis on using our interiors to reinforce our connection to nature and the outside world, blues and greens have taken on a new significance. The muted quality of Canopy, Greenwich Blue and Skipper offer an effortless approach to colour. Despite having darker pigments, each inspire a relaxed and calming atmosphere that suits a range of spaces from kitchens or bedrooms to downstairs loos. For a relaxed and eclectic feel layer lush Canopy with earthy yellows or reds and ethic inspired prints. Pair Greenwich Blue with crisp white fabrics and antique metallic textures for a feeling of timeless elegance.

Colourful interiors don't always have to be bright. Deep, rich jewel tones are perfect for incorporating colour into your home and creating an intimate setting suited to studies, snugs or dining rooms. Inspired by Argentina's rich and full bodied wine, Mendoza Malbec is a sumptuous shade that creates dramatic interiors, but can be offset with a soft pale grey like Cloud Forest for a more versatile look. Similarly, Japanese Kimono is a rich purple hue that is often associated with royalty so has a luxurious feel. Pair with creamy neutrals like Coconut Beach for a more contemporary look.


Photo: Walls painted in Japanese Kimono


Photo: Japanese Kimono inspiration

Opt for darker, more dramatic tones such as purple or navy to make larger rooms appear more intimate or choose lighter hues, such as grey to create the illusion of space

Martin Waller

Photo: Walls painted in Mendoza Malbec