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Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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A Home Office To Be Proud Of

How to Guides | 09.10.2020

Our guide to creating a space to focus

Whatever your feelings about working from home, it looks like the concept is here to stay for a little while yet, but that doesn't mean continuing to make do with the kitchen table and an old office chair you fished out of the garage. In this handy guide we'll take you through some of our favourite home office pieces, from the obvious essentials you'll need to create a comfortable and productive workspace, to the touches of magic that can help spark inspiration during that mid-afternoon slump.

Photo: Latham desk, Bacall Junior dining chair in original Andean fabric, Clarkson desk lamp, walls painted in Wild Truffle

1 - The Basics

Many of us will be dictated by the space we have, but it's also worth thinking about how much space you need. Are you a digital minimalist who can open up their laptop and go? In which case, the neat and compact Orson desk might be a perfect fit. Alternatively, Latham is almost two metres wide, giving plenty of space for those who prefer an 'organised chaos approach' with multiple notepads, books and cups of tea alongside their computer.

With the desk sorted, a comfortable chair should be next on your list. Take your pick from dainty and sleek silhouettes like Nim, to all-encompassing swivel chairs in plush velvet like Hugo. If you're working within another room in your home, consider how this piece can have multiple uses. Slim, contemporary designs like Soho can be easily turned around for an extra seat at the dining table, or a supportive armchair such as Brody or Basset will make perfect reading corners once the weekend arrives. Don't be afraid to use your seating to introduce a splash of colour either, it's hard not to feel joyous when surrounded by Kapow's vibrant yellow upholstery, or the regal air of purple Wham Bam.

Photo: Jackie desk, Hugo desk chair, Emerson cabinet, walls painted in Hurricane

Photo: Jacques desk, Terence desk chair, Clarkson desk lamp, walls painted in Nantucket Blue

If you've got the room, extra storage space will always come in handy. Use an elegant bookcase to tidy away unnecessary and distracting items from your desk or store essential paperwork and electrical equipment in a spacious chest of drawers. The ritual of tidying away your work things at the end of the day can help act as your commute, giving you time to decompress as you move from work to play. These practical pieces provide opportunity for decoration as well, use them to display inspirational books or magazines and make sure to include some greenery too. Numerous studies have been done which prove the positive effects of having house plants in your workspace, including reducing stress, increasing productivity and encouraging creativity.

Photo: Roxy desk, Juno chair, Superman Skeleton Neon artwork, Neon Wallpaper, Pod Spitfire chair, Mila sofa with Neon cushions

2 - The Walls

If your workspace has become a permanent feature of an existing room in your home then you may want to think about zoning it off to create some separation between working and living. Paint is the perfect tool for this as it clearly marks out your office area whilst also adding a splash or subtle hint of colour that will help signify to your brain that you've moved from recreation to working. For creative thinkers, a bold shade like Flamingo or Japanese Kimono may help to spark new ideas. Whereas if you need a calm and quiet space to be able to concentrate we suggest going for softer tones such as Saharan Skies, or Maasai Mist.

For those of you with more space to play with, wallpaper is a brilliant way to make an impact in a room and create an atmosphere. Our literary wallpapers lend themselves perfectly to cultivating a studious environment, and who could fail to be inspired by the words of Dickens? On the other hand, designs like Neon and Constantinople create striking backdrops to turn this functional space into an exciting one.

Photo: Roxy desk, Juno chair, Superman Skeleton Neon artwork, walls in Japanese Kimono, Pod Spitfire chair, Mila sofa

3 - Decorations & Accessories

With the basics sorted it's time to think about the finishing touches that will help give your home working space a more considered and finished feel. Lighting is an essential accessory, especially as the days begin to turn darker. Elegant table lamps such as Weller or Anita are works of art unto themselves with their sculptural, jewel-toned bases. Alternatively, pieces such as Clarkson or Coquette provide more directional lighting whilst their sleek designs take up minimal space on your desk.

Cushions will always be our go-to accessory. They are an easy way to introduce touches of colour and pattern whilst also providing additional support and comfort to your office chair. Our Brindisi collection was designed in collaboration with Sophie Paterson and each design oozes a sophisticated elegance that is perfect for curating a professional environment. Alongside cushions, investing in smaller accessories like these boxes and trays in faux shagreen also add an element of luxury to elevate your working area and give it a polished feel.

Finally, statement artworks are the ideal finishing touch for your home office and we suggest choosing a piece which captures the atmosphere you want to evoke. This could be a calming landscape photographic piece, a creative collage, or a vibrant neon to take centre stage and give your eyes a soothing break from your computer screen every now and then.