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NEW Folklore Collection

NEW Folklore Collection


Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

Check out the Andrew Martin Lighting Guide!

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Andrew Martin x Kelly Hoppen

Welcome to Andrew Martin’s new collection by Kelly Hoppen, a masterclass in modern simplicity through organic, sculptural forms that embody chic and comfortable living.

Each piece is designed to work harmoniously as a collective or individually as the star of the space, effortlessly blending textures and materials to add layers of sensory depth.

Furniture is like an art piece; it can stand out or it can blend in. But it also has to be comfortable, and it has to be useable. What I love about this collection is that it is so malleable, so easy to use and mix with other pieces.

Kelly Hoppen

Photo: Leo Chair

Photo: Onyx Side Table

Hoppen designed this latest collection with an intentional calm; soft lines and shapes blended with new textures to enhance, uplift, and create a sense of unparalleled serenity. The arc-shaped Leo chair and statement Onyx side table represent this theme perfectly.