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Philosophy - Interiors with a twist

The Andrew Martin philosophy

The aim: To bring together style, elegance, comfort and an element of escapism from 'everyday life'.

The method: Fusion Interiors. Bringing together eclectic influences from around the world, creating connections to other cultures, another time and place encouraging an emotional as well as an aesthetic response.

The result: Cohesive interior spaces that offer escape through association, inspiration and excitement in comfortable surroundings.

The value of escapism and discovery, of rich associations with other times and places, has translated into sophisticated, eclectic designs for fabrics and furnishings which are both contemporary and traditional - and blend seamlessly with artifacts, furniture, and statuary sourced from the East, from India and the Americas, as well as from Britain and Europe. It's wish-fulfilment and fantasy mixed with a spirit of adventure - looking to an alternative present and to the past to create future elegance, style and comfort.

This is the Andrew Martin Philosophy.