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Without the privilege of travel, there would be no Andrew Martin. Seeking inspiration from across the globe we have developed an intrepid design philosophy which is based on the fundamental truth that there is beauty to be found in every corner of the world. Whether we were collecting Kuba cloth from the Congo or silk ikats from Thailand, being able to design and curate without borders has been essential for us. And so, imbued with the romance of travel, our premium paint collection pays tribute to the places that we have seen, the discoveries which we have made and all of those people who we have met along the way.

Means you need to decorate less often.
Fewer coats, therefore you need a third less paint.
Re-coat Times
Under an hour, means you can improve project turnarounds.
Virtually Zero
So no nasty paint fumes.
No oil or solvents, clean using just cold water.