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Tutti Frutti

Sweets, biscuits, chocolate and ice lollies: our new Tutti Frutti furniture and accessories range will decorate a home that Hansel and Gretel would be jealous of.

The collection features seating inspired by Liquorice Allsorts, Digestive biscuits, Kit Kat and Dairy Milk bars reincarnated as limited-edition tables and sculptures in the form of Zoom ice lollies and giant Jelly Babies. "Decoration is a building block of happiness", Martin Waller once said so fill your home with colourful candy for an eternal, smiling sugar high.

The story goes that in 1899, Mr Thompson, a Bassett's sales representative, was presenting to an important client when he dropped the tray of sample sweets. It was as he was scrambling to pick them up that the idea of pick 'n' mix allsorts was born. In 2019, we have thrown colour and candy together again, reliving 70s flares and childhood dreams with these sweetie inspired stools and stylised velvet swivel chairs. Our Volcano Sectional Sofa invites you rebelliously to play with your food, with a choice of liquorice stripes in orange, pink, yellow, purple or white ready to mix or match.

All the tables in this collection are exclusive limited editions with an engraved bronze plaque (just like Charlie's golden ticket) displaying their number out of 100 and the signatures of Martin Waller and Timothy Oulton. Moving with the trend of 'design art', these pieces are as much about their evocation of humour and Proustian childhood throwback as ergonomic design. So step into a world where jelly babies are giant Roly Poly statues, coated realistically to resemble their iconic sugary powder, or where Digestive biscuits hold up cups of tea rather than disappear unwillingly into their contents. This is surrealism at its most fun. In fully functional furniture form.

Our representations sit on the cusp between furniture design and art. They walk in the footsteps of Warhol and echo his celebration of everyday things.

Founder and Creative Director, Martin Waller
Volcano Fuchsia Fizz armless section with various Pick 'n' Mix stools
Cocoa Power desk, Kapow swivel chair in Fuchsia Fizz with America and Britain neon artworks.