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The Kit Kemp x Annie Selke Collection

As the Founder and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels, Kit Kemp's designs have always been a refreshing break from formality. But post pandemic, her latest collaboration with Annie Selke, Chief Vision Officer of The Annie Selke Companies, is the burst of colour, pattern, craft and joy that we all need.

Two years ago, I was asked "If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be?" And I immediately answered, "Kit Kemp!"

Annie Selke

As two creative powerhouses, a collaboration between Kemp and Selke was never going to be anything but visionary and they began working together via Zoom, building a friendship through drawing sketches and discussing samples. The collection is inspired by three of Kit's favourite destinations - Barbados, London and New York - where you will also find many of her iconic Firmdale hotels. With each destination came an exploration into different styles, colours, and prints, culminating in jubilant pieces which capture the individuality of each place. The aim was to create pieces with a unique story, each infused with artisanal warmth with the power to transform the look and feel of an entire room and as always, craftmanship remains at the heart of the Kit Kemp aesthetic. Each of these rug designs has been expertly woven, knotted and tufted by hand.


Photo: Horseshoe Natural


Photo: Lily Pad Pink

Our capsule rug collection showcases the breadth of Kemp and Selke's inspirations, capturing the character of all three locations. Statement makers like Graphic Tuft or Eternal Spring are a reflection of the vibrant colours and rich energy of the Caribbean. Whereas the distinctive palette of the London based Bloomsbury Group was the inspiration for the spicy neutral tones of the Horseshoe designs and the kinetic quality of Lily Pad or Jelly Roll is a reference to the melodic hustle and bustle of New York.

In the Caribbean, I go wild with colour because the hotter the colour, the better it looks. For this collection, I wanted joyful, bright colours that actually would sing, because it's so important to get a room to sing.

Kit Kemp

Photo: Jelly Roll