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Against the Grain

Uniting artistic quirkiness with stunning practicality, the furniture pieces of Against the Grain carve edgy lines into a room, which pioneer a different perspective on both sculpture and home d├ęcor.

The collection gives renaissance to the Cubist Art Movement, where the likes of Braque and Picasso employed an abstract, faceted style to showcase different viewpoints of the 3-dimensional form.


Here, our designers have crafted angular shapes into naturally characterful wood. The gilded detailing adds a hint of Art Deco glamour and exudes the opulent style of Paris, the birthplace of Cubism. The natural tones of these materials radiate warmth into a room which unites contemporary informality to this 20th century style throwback.

As Picasso said 'A head is a matter of eyes, nose, mouth which can be distributed in any way you like'. This epitomises the feeling of this collection: the creative beauty of going against the grain.